Wine For Dummies

I scored this book for 87 cents at a hospice thrift shop. Yes, hospice. Mike and I were trying to kill burn some time before heading to the DMV and we always love a good thrift shop. I never claim to be an expert on wine – I just like it, a lot. But alas, I must do some research. And I think this was probably the way to go.

I also discovered something amazing. Well, I didn’t. My aunt, who is incredibly creative, came up with these and gave them out for Christmas. Candlestick holders + jars = wine glasses (or booze of your choice). My version is a candlestick holder plus another candle holder. I just glued them together and voila! Who knows how long they will last but now (for two bucks only, thank you dollar store) I can create whatever size or style of a wine glass I want.

Also, I completely jumped on the band wagon and made a video of “Sh*t Modern Dancers Say.” Enjoy another low budget film of mine…

How to Make Food Exciting

How to Make Food Exciting On a Budget

Add seasoning.

Yep. That was it.

We don’t have a lot left in the house that is easy to grab and make but we have to survive until Thursday for grocery shopping. Not like we are starving over here. We still have tons of food in the pantry and freezer. I am just being forced to be creative and honestly, I always enjoy a good challenge. Plus, I always step up when I need to.


Cran water (more concentrated than normal) and eggs with salt, pepper and oregano. On the side = drop biscuit with butta.

Sometimes I apologize for my food not looking appetizing. But who cares? I’m not sure if all those other food bloggers just only eat really pretty, good looking food or I am missing something…


Iced jasmine green tea. So refreshing.

Brown rice cooked with corn, stuffed in a tortilla with some lettuce and falafel.

Not the most perfect lookin’ balls but that’s nothing new.

I added some paprika, salt, pepper and cumin to the brown rice and corn so it meshed well with the falafel. BAM – delicious. I never stop surprising myself.

I have little to no motivation today. Mondays just suck. People are going back to school, ¬†I am not, the wedding is this¬†weekend, I’m still coming down from last week, I need a job, etc etc. So many things to do and yet I have all the time in the world. Wait, that doesn’t seem right. It isn’t. I mean, I don’t have all the time in the world, especially when it comes to the wedding. But I don’t have a lot of deadlines right now so it makes it difficult for me to get anything done. I sort of just want to take a nap (as I glance over to my right where a super cute and comfortable looking pug is snoring away). And yet, I need to just get shit done. Just do it! That is my motto of the week. Thank you, Nike (although your corporation is corrupt).