Wine For Dummies

I scored this book for 87 cents at a hospice thrift shop. Yes, hospice. Mike and I were trying to kill burn some time before heading to the DMV and we always love a good thrift shop. I never claim to be an expert on wine – I just like it, a lot. But alas, I must do some research. And I think this was probably the way to go.

I also discovered something amazing. Well, I didn’t. My aunt, who is incredibly creative, came up with these and gave them out for Christmas. Candlestick holders + jars = wine glasses (or booze of your choice). My version is a candlestick holder plus another candle holder. I just glued them together and voila! Who knows how long they will last but now (for two bucks only, thank you dollar store) I can create whatever size or style of a wine glass I want.

Also, I completely jumped on the band wagon and made a video of “Sh*t Modern Dancers Say.” Enjoy another low budget film of mine…