I Had An Inkling

When heading out to Reno for a weekend, I can never resist visiting Total Wine & More. It is a superstore of alcohol where you get carded right when you walk in. Which is my kind of store. I was actually picking up a gift for a friend but couldn’t help but peruse the Cabernet section. Inkling caught my eye because of well, the cool label, and a store employee recommended it, saying it was one of the fruitiest Cabs she had ever tried. Bingo!

Inkling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles 2009

A grape cluster, like a work of art or an inkblot test reveals itself in different ways to different people. While some may see a lovely still life, or a juicy snack, our winemakers see the raw materials for expressing their own artistry. Such was the case with the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes selected for this wine. Small, concentrated and picked at the height of ripeness, they have been crafted into a wine whose deeply saturated color is only an inkling of the richness to follow.

Vinted and bottled by inkling wines Santa Rosa, CA

At first taste, I would have never guessed this was a Cabernet. The usual oaky and sometimes robust aroma and flavor were not present. This wine was smooth and like the employee said, definitely fruity. It tasted more like a blend or even Malbec. However, I still liked it. I like when wines have a signature kind of taste – very unique to itself. Unfortunately, I tried to find more information online about it and couldn’t find anything anywhere which is a total bummer. I will have to stock up when I head back to Reno, especially since the bottle was under $13.